Tapout Fitness has an incredible selection of classes, and most of them are totally unique to Tapout Fitness Woodstock and Norcross, and our other Atlanta area Tapout Fitness locations. While the foundation of our group fitness calendar is based on combat sports fitness classes like boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts variants, and high intensity boot camps, we also have made sure to include some “classics” that we feel complement the group exercise program and ethos that we have.

One of those “traditional” classes that we feel fits well into our schedule is Pilates. Pilates is an alignment based workout routine that emphasizes core strength, as well as full body conditioning, tone, and endurance. One of the key elements to Pilates is the belief that in order to strengthen one’s body, the mind needs to be strengthened as well. Tapout Fitness strongly believes this is true, and most of our classes abide by the principal of testing your body and mind together (while having fun of course).

Tapout Fitness offers Pilates in two formats, a 30 minute express class, and a 1 hour full class. Please refer to the class schedule of each specific facility to confirm that day and time that Pilates is being offered.

No matter which Tapout Fitness you are working out at (and as a member with Tapout Fitness you can workout at any of our gyms), and no matter what class or class format you choose to attend, the one thing they all have in common is that you will being taught by first rate instructors. Our Pilates programs, just like our kickboxing, boxing, Yoga, mixed martial arts, or HIIT boot camps are simply the best, and for a great price!

Call 770.988.5519 or email Woodstock@tapoutfitnessatlanta.com to tap into success with tapout fitness

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