H.I.T. Boot Camp Classes At Tapout Fitness Woodstock

Tapout Fitness Woodstock has a wide variety of group exercise options, and one of our premier programs is the High Intensity Training boot camp program.

Tapout Woodstock Boot Camp

What Is A H.I.T. Boot Camp?

High intensity boot camps are a popular method of training due to their challenging nature and effective workouts. One major advantage of a boot camp class is that they are ever evolving. There is no “one way” to do a correct boot camp. Usually, boot camps are made up of a series of training stations that are performed for a certain amount of time, with the class rotating thru the stations until all have been completed. Boot camps usually combine cardio, strength, and functional training all in one workout.

What Is A Tapout Fitness H.I.T. Boot Camp?

At Tapout Fitness Woodstock, we have utilized a variety of influences to build our Boot Camp program.

Most of our boot camps use the standard station training concept, meaning the instructor will designate multiple stations, each with a different exercise that is done for a certain amount of time (usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes). The stations will be a mix of toning and resistance with kettle bells, dumbbells, or elastic bands, strength and power using barbells, speed and agility using agility ladders and hurdles, explosive endurance using pylo boxes, battle ropes, and TRX bands, body weight movements, and bag work that incorporates various boxing or kickboxing movements. Some boot camp workouts may be heavily weighted towards strength, others towards toning, others toward calorie burn, and others towards cardio boxing and kickboxing.

How Often Does Tapout Fitness Woodstock Have Boot Camps

We have boot camps multiple times per week, lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour, with boot camp classes held during the morning slot, noon slot, and evening slots. If you want boot camp training, Tapout Fitness Woodstock is the best choices, due to our top notch instructors, large variety of equipment, ability to incorporate boxing and kickboxing elements into the workouts, and 24/7/365 fitness center access. Come check us out today and see what makes us the fastest growing mid-sized gym in Woodstock!

Tapout Woodstock Boot Camp 2

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