Mixed Martial Arts at Tapout Woodstock

Tapout has a long history with MMA in general and the UFC® specifically. Tapout Woodstock strives to provide its members with the most unique and innovative combat sports inspired group fitness program anywhere on the market, and as such, mixed martial arts forms a part of our dynamic offerings for group exercise and training.


Is This A Fitness Program of a Martial Arts/Fighting Training Program?

The Tapout Fitness MMA program is, like most of our classes, designed with two main goals in mind; first of all, we want you to have a great and exciting workout and obtain the body or fitness level you seek. Secondly, we want you to learn real and substantial technical skills that can be applied to a variety of life situations including self-defense. Tapout is one of the rare gyms you’ll be able to find that has successfully developed a mixed martial arts program (in addition to our boxing and kickboxing programs) that walks that fine line without going over it in either direction.

What Are the Individual Elements of Our MMA Program?

Our mixed martial arts program is based around striking (boxing/American kickboxing), submission grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and “ground and pound” striking.

Is There Any Contact in the Tapout MMA Program?

There is some limited light contact, but not live sparring. The live sparring is done via the “live” classes (check your Tapout schedule to see when they are held).

I Just Want To Take the Tapout Mixed Martial Arts Classes For Fitness, Will I Get Hit?

Our MMA program is designed to allow you to train like a fighter without actually getting hit (for live sparring attend our “live” class series). In the MMA classes, you will participate in skills drills using bags, dummies, mitts, pads, and have the opportunity to strike an instructor or one of your more experienced classmates who volunteers, but you will not be getting hit yourself (unless you are the volunteer!)

What Do I Need To Bring To Attend?

You need hand wraps and boxing gloves

Which level of Membership Do I Need to Have to Participate in the MMA Class?

Membership level varies depending on facility, but you will need one of the group fitness/Combat memberships to attend. See your individual club for details.

Call 770.988.5519 or email Woodstock@tapoutfitnessatlanta.com to tap into success with tapout fitness

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