Personal Trainer

April 14, 2017

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Woodstock Tapout Fitness is the place to start and end your search! Our personal trainers are all highly qualified, knowledgeable in boxing, martial arts, weight training, cardio exercise, weight loss, strength/muscle gain, and general health and well-being training. The reasons people tend to hire a personal trainer are:

-Lack of knowledge regarding how to achieve fitness goals

-Lack of motivation/accountability

-Has a specific fitness goal and time limit and wants to achieve maximum results in minimum time

-Looking to increase personal workout knowledge base for future self-training

These are the reasons for hiring a personal trainer we hear over and over again, whether it’s at our Norcross gym or our gym in Woodstock.

What about people who want a personal trainer but don’t hire one? The reasons we hear there are also always the same ones over and over:

-Costs too much money

-Can’t commit the time

-Don’t need one

If you don’t need one then great! Tapout Fitness will be happy to have you as a basic member!

If the cost is holding you back from hiring a personal trainer, then Tapout Fitness can help! We have personal training options available from as low as $9.99 per month!

If time is the issue, Tapout Fitness Woodstock is a 24 hour gym! We never close, and can arrange training appointments at all kinds of hours 7 days a week! You won’t find any personal training services in Woodstock that are more flexible!

Tapout Fitness Woodstock is the newest and most innovative 24/7 fitness center in Woodstock! Veteran owned, AMAZING classes, and the best personal trainers! Come check us out today!