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Tapout Fitness Center ExcerscisesIf you are sick and tired of going to a boring, uninspired gym, look no further than Tapout Fitness! Our gym in Roswell is the only place where you can find mixed martial arts, dynamic group classes, cardio and weight machines, professional trainers and a personal atmosphere. At Tapout Fitness, we have structured our gym to bring out the inner athlete in our Roswell clients through a combination of high-energy group classes and personal attention. Why go to just any gym in Roswell when you can go to the gym that is known for its amazing brand, mixed martial arts and exclusive partnership with the WWE?

Personal Touch

What is worse than going to a gym and being surrounded by people desperately trying to not make eye contact? At Tapout Fitness in Roswell, we make an effort to keep our gyms personal and friendly to help you feel at home at the gym. Our staff and trainers will strive to learn your name and your goals so that you can come to the gym knowing there are people in your corner, cheering you on. In addition to our friendly staff, we have personal trainers that you can utilize to help you get the most out of your Roswell gym experience. Our certified fitness professionals can help you with routines and workouts that will maximize your gym time and help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Exciting Group Classes

Working out on the cardio and weight machines is one way to get fit and meet your goals, especially with the help of a trainer or an expert. But at Tapout Fitness, we like to offer our Roswell clients more variety, which is why we offer exciting group classes every day of the week. When you take a class at Tapout Fitness, your instructor and your classmates are all giving 100%, encouraging each other along the way. These classes are a great way to feel as though you are part of a team, because everyone at our Roswell gym is working toward the same goal: physical fitness. Regardless of your experience level — you could be taking your first ever step inside a gym or training for your 50th iron man competition — you will find a class that challenges and excites you.

The Total Package

With the combination of individual attention and dynamic group classes, Tapout Fitness in Roswell is the total gym package. We have everything you will need to meet your fitness goals. You want to focus on mixed martial arts? Check. Cardio machines? Check. Weight lifting? Check. Tanning? Check. Group classes to change up your routine? Check. Professional trainers? Check. When you sign up at our Tapout Fitness gym in Roswell, you receive unlimited tanning, 24-hour access, a brand-new pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps, a 30-minute session with one of our personal trainers and a 30-minute boxing or cardio boxing lesson. Once you get a feel for everything our gym has to offer, you will look forward to your daily workouts.

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