If you are in Woodstock, Acworth, Canton, Roswell, Holly springs, Marietta, or anywhere in the surrounding Atlanta area and looking for an exciting and innovative group fitness program that you will find NO WHERE else, and contained in a 24 hour fitness center environment so you can hit the treadmill or squat rack at 2 am, then Tapout Fitness Woodstock is what you have been searching for!
Since the year 2000, the amount of fitness centers in the United States has more than doubled. What does that mean? It means that there are lots of choices when it comes to gyms, and it means that the consumer can pick and choose what’s important to them, and make their choice accordingly. In order for a gym in this competitive landscape to succeed, they need to offer something special, and they need to do it for a price that provides value for the money spent. So what does Tapout Fitness Woodstock offer that distinguishes us from the rest? Is it our 24 hour fitness center? Is it our great selection of free weights, machines, and cardio? Is it our top notch NASM certified personal training staff? Is it our reasonable prices across the board? The answer is yes and no. While all those things are important factors in creating the Tapout Fitness environment, the reality is they’re easily replicated by other facilities. We aren’t the only 24 hour gym with lots weights in town.

What makes us truly unique is our group fitness calendar. Tapout Fitness Woodstock has found a way to blend combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai with boot camp style class formats to create a technically sound but fitness/cardio-centric class that allows our members to learn real kickboxing/boxing/MMA skills in a supportive non-threatening environment, while at the same time ensuring that the primary focus is giving them a great and results orientated workout.

Tapout Fitness Woodstock’s proprietary class’s will challenge and excite you, which is the key to inspiring consistent attendance to the gym. That in turn is the key to amazing results! We started the fitness revolution with Tapout Fitness Norcross, and now Tapout Fitness Woodstock continues the tradition of unique, fun, and effective group fitness programs! COME TRY A CLASS TODAY!


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