Strength of Body and Strength of Mind Merge at Tapout Fitness

Tapout Fitness, coming soon to Woodstock, Georgia, will feature a blend of martial arts, group classes, and individual exercise equipment designed to maximize both physical body strength and strength of mind to push your limits and reach new personal levels of fitness achievement.

Fitness is a lifestyle. Anyone can embrace it, but to get there it takes discipline and determination. It also requires understanding that true fitness goes beyond just physical body strength.


The Equation for Fitness

As we get ready to help you unlock your full potential for fitness, health, confidence, and strength at our future Tapout Fitness gym in Woodstock, Georgia, we want to share this simple but potent equation:

Fitness = Strength of Body + Strength of Mind

It’s not rocket science. To be the strongest version of you, you need to have a strong body and a strong mind.

Think of your favorite WWE athlete or MMA fighter. They train hard. You can see it in their strength and their stature.

But think also of the tactics involved. Think of the strategy. To make it to the top, a fighter must be alert, constantly thinking, reading his or her opponent and gauging his or her own next move, as well as exercising an in-depth understanding of technique and how to use his or her own muscles and body to overcome their opponent’s unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s more than just physical—it’s mental.

Luckily you don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one. So don’t be intimidated. The trainers at Tapout Fitness Woodstock will help you at every stage of the game.


Strength of Mind

Strength of mind is about confidence. It’s about will power. It’s about discipline. It’s an attitude that started the moment you decided to become a member of our gym and sign up for any of our classes, from yoga to martial arts. And after we open and grow our community, you’ll see that your teammates and your trainers have your back to make sure you don’t fail and that you stay strong-minded.

Tapout Fitness members at our open locations show their dedication. Some of them wake up at the crack of dawn to get their workout in, or schedule a kickboxing class after their long work day, or manage to squeeze in gym time in the middle of their day, say three or four days a week or maybe more. That takes a strong mind. It requires drive, focus, and determination—time management and a clear focus on what’s important. Tapout Fitness is for all levels, but it’s not for the weak-minded. It’s easier to sit at home on the couch, but every time you get up and get to work, that’s a powerful choice. And that will be your powerful choice.

The best part? Exercising your mind will lead to greater physical strength.

The more knowledge you gain about your body, your training, your nutrition, and your fitness regimen, the better you’ll be able to put the theories to practice and achieve your fitness goals.

There are no limits. The stronger you make your mind, the stronger you can make your body.


Strength of Body

Just like a stronger mind leads to a stronger body, a stronger body also leads to a stronger mind.

Get yourself in here when we open and increase your gym time, and you’ll see for yourself how that discipline of body transforms into discipline of mind, not only about fitness but in other aspects of your life as well. Spending more time in classes and on the equipment at Tapout Fitness Woodstock can lead to increased productivity at work, better grades in school, improved relationships with family and friends, and an all-around boost to how you look at and approach yourself and your life.

Get ready to put in as much work as you can—as much work as it takes to unlock your full potential.


Tapout Fitness for Body and Mind

At Tapout Fitness, we place great value on the merging of strength of body and strength of mind. The Tapout Fitness community experiences a combination of group classes and individual exercise with a martial arts focus that helps us excel in both at the same time. And by combining strength of body with strength of mind for a well-rounded fitness lifestyle, we’re confident that each one of you can reach your goals—whether you’re a beginner who wants to gain the confidence that comes from being able to land a kick or punch with proper form and force or an experienced athlete looking to gain a clear competitive edge.

The first step to a strong body and strong mind is to sign up for Tapout Fitness Woodstock, coming soon. Take advantage of discounted membership rates by signing up now, before we open.


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