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Kickboxing is taking the fitness world by storm, and it’s no wonder why! A good kickboxing class can burn from 800 to 1200 calories in a 60 minute class, or 400 to 600 calories in a 30 minute kickboxing class. The effectiveness of kickboxing classes is one piece of its popularity, and the second piece is how fun it is! And the third piece is that you get to learn real life self-defense skills that may be needed some day (though we hope not). As gyms have started to realize how incredible kickboxing classes are, and as gym members have started to demand kickboxing classes in their fitness centers, an entire class of gyms have been created to cater to this demand in the gym marketplace. Franchise chain gyms like ilovekickboxing in Kennesaw, 9round boxing in Woodstock, title boxing in Alpharetta, and others have popped up all over Atlanta and other cities. These facilities are usually small, expensive, limited in what they are offering and the times that they offer it, and are frequently run and staffed by people with no background in kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, etc. In fact, at all of our Tapout Fitness locations we have interviewed numerous kickboxing instructors from ilovekickboxing, title boxing, etc. and without exception, after seeing them teach a demo class for us, we refused to hire them, as they were not even close to the minimum standard of kickboxing and boxing instruction skills required to teach at Tapout Fitness. Kickboxing class is an amazing, fun, and effective way to get in great shape and learn useful skills and the confidence to handle yourself in an emergency situation, but please do it at a kickboxing gym nearby that can provide you with:

  • Amazing kickboxing, boxing, and martial arts instructors
  • A fully equipped 24 hour gym that has everything you will need to get your whole body in shape, from stairmasters and treadmills to free weights and machines, to private showers.
  • A great selection of non-kickboxing/boxing classes like boot camp fitness and yoga or Pilates to mix things up and keep you excited and coming back
  • Highly qualified personal trainers who can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted
  • Veteran owned and operated by a local team, not a large impersonal corporation
  • Membership options with rates for literally every budget. If you want to be a member at Tapout Fitness Woodstock and integrate kickboxing classes into your fitness routine we can figure out how to make the finances work

Before you join a gym with kickboxing classes, come try Tapout Fitness Woodstock and see why we are growing so fast all over Atlanta!


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