Best Gym in Woodstock

What makes a great gym? What makes a gym the best? This is clearly subjective. Some people have very simple requirements; a gym that is clean, has the basic equipment they want, is open the hours they like to work out, and has prices they consider to be reasonable. Other people are looking for very specific classes or specialty gym equipment. Some people need a 24 hour gym. Some people are simply looking for the cheapest gym around, others want a gym with no contracts. No matter what your looking for, there is a good bet that Tapout Fitness has it! Let’s review some of the reasons that we think Tapout Fitness is the best gym in Woodstock

  • Tapout is always clean and organized
  • Tapout has a great selection of fitness equipment ranging from martial arts and boxing stations of all kinds, to jiu jitsu matted areas, to free weights, to cardio equipment, to machines and body weight workout equipment. If we don’t have it you don’t need it!
  • We are a true 24/7/365 gym
  • Our classes just rock. Kickboxing, boxing, boot camps, yoga, jiu jitsu, and mixed martial arts are among our selections, and you simply will not find more exciting and better taught classes anywhere, period.
  • We have many many membership options, including no contract gym memberships
  • We can compete with ANYONE on price (yes planet fitness too)
  • We are a local veteran/family owned small business, so you’ll be supporting not only a little guy, but one who does it better than the multi-billion dollar competition!

Come check out Tapout Fitness Woodstock (or our other metro Atlanta area locations) and see why we are the best gym in Woodstock!


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Woodstock, GA 30188
Open 24/7

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