Kickboxing classes in Woodstock

Kickboxing classes are on fire! Tapout Fitness Woodstock has the best kickboxing classes in all of Atlanta, 24/7/365!

One of the most on trend workout programs in the USA right now is kickboxing classes. The reason is simple and logical! Kickboxing classes are an incredible and fun workout! Tapout Fitness Woodstock as well as our Norcross (and coming soon other Atlanta area locations) specialize in a variety of kickboxing classes, to give you maximum choice in the type of kickboxing classes you participate in, and as always, our 24 hour gym, complete with tons of kickboxing training stations and bags, is accessible anytime day or night! Our style of kickboxing classes includes:

  • Cardio kickboxing class: This is a sweat covered, calorie burning, fast paced high speed kickboxing workout!
  • Technical kickboxing class: Slower and more designed to teach kickboxing fundamentals, technical kickboxing class is still a good workout, but more geared towards people looking to bring basic skills to the next level
  • Kickboxing sparring class: This gives you the chance to get in the cage and test your skills against an opponent!
  • One on one kickboxing training: One session comes free for every new member. This is to help get a feel for your current kickboxing skill level, and help you decide which training program would be the best for you.

If you are looking for great rates, a well-equipped 24 hour gym loaded with machines, cardio equipment, and free weights, and the best kickboxing classes in Woodstock, come check out Tapout Fitness Woodstock, the newest hottest veteran owned small business in Woodstock!


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