Mixed Martial Arts Based Group Exercise

MMA is in big time, not only as a spectator sport, but as a workout! Tapout Fitness Woodstock offers the best cardio combat sports program in the city! Check out a kickboxing, boxing, or MMA fitness class at Tapout Fitness 24/7 today!

It’s no surprise tons of people want to get involved in MMA and other combat sports like boxing and kickboxing as a group fitness program. Not only is it effective at burning calories, promoting weight loss, and reshaping bodies, it is a lot of fun, and teaches valuable confidence and self-defense skills. While MMA based group exercise is poplar, most people have a limit to how far they want to take the fighting part of it. That’s where Tapout Fitness Woodstock and its sister locations in the Atlanta area come into play! We specialize in combat sports-based fitness programs, designed to teach real martial arts and boxing skills, but with a primary purpose of giving the class a great workout. Come try a MMA, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, or grappling class today at Tapout Fitness and see why we are growing so fast for yourself!

Tapout Fitness Woodstock and its sister gyms in the Atlanta area are THE highest rated fitness centers in the entire metro Atlanta area on Facebook and Google! Jump online today and see for yourself what the community thinks of Tapout Fitness Woodstock!

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