Let’s face it, sitting on a treadmill for an hour watching the seconds tick down is boring! One of the reasons kickboxing has grown so popular in recent years is because people want to feel like they are working out with a purpose, and there are not many activities that create that dynamic like kickboxing! Tapout Fitness’s kickboxing program is unique in a few ways. First of all, it takes place in our fully equipped 24 hour gym, which has all the classic free weights, machines, and cardio equipment you’ll find in any other gym, no matter what size they are, and its all available 24/7/365. Along with that we have lockers, showers, etc. There is nothing that a Planet Fitness or Golds gym for example has that we don’t, and as far as our kickboxing classes go, well we are Tapout, so you know that we take our kickboxing seriously! Our classes are designed to be highly instructive and taught at a high technical level, but at the same time we place a priority on fitness and burning calories, so you will learn real kickboxing skills, how to defend yourself, and have an amazing workout in terms of weight loss and muscle toning.

If you’re searching for a way to change up your workout routine, supplement your existing weight training or cardio, or learn self defense skills for you or your family, come try kickboxing at Tapout Fitness, you’ll love it!

Follow the link to get your free trial kickboxing class pass and see why we are the most unique and one of the fastest growing fitness concepts in the Atlanta area!

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