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24 hour gyms remove the excuse of work schedules, school schedules, or I don’t have enough time from the equation of reasons not to work out! Tapout Fitness has the most unique and innovative 24 hour gym concept in Atlanta, and here is why:

  • Not your “common” 24 hour gym: The only thing we share with other 24 hour gyms like Anytime fitness or Snap fitness is the fact that you get into the gym with an access card. Those gyms are often nothing but slightly larger versions (most are 3,000 to 4,000 square feet) of your apartment complex gym. A few pieces of cardio equipment, maybe showers maybe not, a single resistance machine circuit, some limited free weights, and sometimes a small area for basic classes (maybe a yoga or Zumba class). Tapout is different. Our facilities are 7,000 plus square feet so we have LOTS of equipment (always showers), with an emphasis on free weights. We also have TONS of martial arts and boxing training stations, including heavy bags, thai bags, speed bags, double end bags, and much more, all available 24 hours a day.
  • True universal access: Gyms like Anytime fitness or Snap fitness often talk about all the hundreds (or thousands) of locations in their franchise, but its not always that easy to go from one gym to another, as they mostly have different owners. At Tapout Fitness ALL of our 24 hour Atlanta area locations are 100% accessible to you with no fuss.
  • Our classes and coaches are the best around: This is the main difference between Tapout and the rest. At Tapout Fitness the 24 hour gym is only one part of what we do. We are known for the quality of our kickboxing and boxing fitness classes, and our 1 on 1 personal training. All our coaches are experienced athletes, fighters, and certified trainers, who are around for the long haul, meaning you get top notch instruction from a staff of familiar faces, month after month, year after year.

Come check out one of the HOTTEST 24 hour gyms in the country at Tapout Fitness Woodstock and see why we are growing SO fast all over the city of Atlanta and beyond!

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