What is the best cardio machine to lose weight?

You want to lose weight and tone up a bit, but how? There are so many pieces of equipment in the gym. Machines, free weights, cardio equipment, as well as classes and trainers doing all kinds of different exercises with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes. What is a fitness beginner to do? The good news is help is here! Tapout Fitness has got you covered! Let’s focus on just the cardio equipment and review the machines you’ll find in a Tapout gym.


Cardio equipment are machines that were created for you to do an aerobic, extended, calorie burning, heart rate increasing, sweat inducing workout on. The cardio equipment at Tapout Fitness is easy to find, because it is all on our double level cardio deck, so you will always know were to go if you need to get the sweat going and don’t want to think about it too much. Our gyms all include the following pieces of cardio equipment:

  • TREADMILLS: This is the classic cardio piece that every gym has a bunch of! Treadmills are simply a belt attached to a motor that allows you to walk, jog, or run indoors, in place. It is that simple.
  • ELLIPTICAL MACHINES: Ellipticals take cardio to the next level by incorporating light resistance, the machine requires you to use your entire body in a soft, low impact, but challenging motion that will give you the cardio benefits of a treadmill, with an upper body strength workout.
  • ARC TRAINERS: Arc trainers use a similar motion as an elliptical, but without the upper body involvement. Great for people with bad knees that can’t run on a treadmill.
  • STAIRMASTERS: The king of lower body cardio equipment, Stairmasters will give you a great cardio workout while toning your legs and butt like you won’t believe. This is a must for anyone interested in developing their lower body and butt especially.
  • CARDIO ROWERS: A great full body workout, as anyone who has ever rowed a boat can attest to! This cardio piece is just as much about resistance training as it is cardio and is a popular and effective piece of equipment.
  • SPIN BIKES: This machine looks like a standard bicycle attached to a platform that you simply pedal it like one for a realistic cardio workout that is also great for leg muscle endurance and tone.
  • STATIONARY BIKES: Similar workout as a spin bike with more ability to set higher levels of resistance.

Tapout Fitness Woodstock has all the above cardio machines at our 24-hour gym, and we can show you not only how to use them but provide you with the ongoing support that you will only find at Tapout! Come see why we have grown so fast in the metro Atlanta area and let us help you build the body of your dreams.

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